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Project Description

en2ki (Evernote to Kindle) reads Evernote data using API and create Kindle data in MOBI in its periodical format. Read Review from Addictive Tips

en2ki was developed in VS2010 in C# Windows Form. It utilizes (and included for run-time) "Evernote.dll" and "Thrift.dll" from Evernote API SDK; "kindlegen.exe" from amazon

I only tested this app on my machine (Windows 7 Professional 64bit with VS2010 & dozens of SDKs installed), so please let me know if you have any unforeseen issues I have missed.

Best Reading Device meets Best Note Taking Application

I like taking notes. whether it's work related, personal todos, grocery list, shopping list, recipes, favorite quotes... whatever it is that can be noted, Evernote is there. the best thing about Evernote is I can organize them into stacked notebooks - so I can organize them like traditional folder/files structure with some extra tagging and saved search if wanted. what's even better? I can access them using any web browser and/or mobile devices on the go. Okay, that's as much as I would praise about the Evernote, without getting paycheck from them. but apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks it's the best.

Q1. How can Kindle help Evernote?

A1. What if I want to disconnect myself from busy world and catch up reading the notes? laptop, tablets, smartphone don't help because they are so disturbing (and needs internet connection or paid offline support) I want my evernote... like a notebook sometime. Something I can take it to the vacation and revisit my notes, on my own.
  • Maybe I can print all my notes and staple them together. Wait, those trees give me heartaches.
  • Maybe I can read them offline with my kindle. With its long battery, maybe I can read couple years old diaries or notes in a plane. How will I get bored reading something I wrote few years earlier? Good retrospective opportunity indeed!
There maybe some outdated material I want to clean in my Evernote, but I will never visit them otherwise, because I've never bothered to look them up, and I know I never will with my busy life - unless I'm stuck with them on my kindle.

Of course I can visit Evernote's website using Kindle's "experimental" web browser. Good luck on that, without freezing the device. ... and You are willing to pay $20~40 for wifi use each time, right? if they even offering the service, ofcourse.

Easiest way to make your own scrapbooks on kindle!

Q2. how can Evernote help Kindle?

A2. besides reading my own notes, I wanted to read random web pages later - on my Kindle to be specific. Thankfully, there were many, too many, apps already does this. For example, Instapaper is a good one. some caveats are...
  1. there is a time gap between auto-sync between instapaper & kindle.
  2. you have to visit instapaper to delete/archive each article to not appear on kindle again.
  3. you cannot categorize them for later reference with instapaper.
  4. other services that sends each web page as separate item via e-mail. Have fun deleting them one by one in amazon's personal document space. Did I tell you no multiple delete, but only one by one? I did warn!
But wait, Evernote had "clipping" browser add-on for years, and they even have new clearly (which I read clipper #2) that captures only article content of the page (which their original clipper does it as well). So if I see a web page I want to read later, I'll clip it using Evernote's tool. Next time I sync Evernote to my Kindle, it'll be right there. And if it's something worth to keep, I can just organize them in Evernote and it is mine to keep forever! Heck, I can even edit the content if needed. Try that with any other services.

For any questions and/or discussion, please use en2ki's discussions page.

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