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Link: General Kindle Tips

Known Limitations

  • Title cut-off: Kindle (or KindleGen.exe) issue.
  • Not showing images
  • Max notes per notebook is 500

How to Use

  • Note active internet connection is required (and for network admin: https port, usually 443, needs to be open to "" server)
  1. Launch Application
  2. Enter Evernote user id and password
  3. Designate "Save To" output folder
  4. Press "Create" button
    1. this will take some time, depends on: amount of notes, speed of network connection, and your computer speed.
    2. and just little bit more
    3. we almost there
  5. Upon completion, open the output folder (app prompts to), use any of following method to transfer:
    1. via usb cable
    2. or e-mail to your "????" or "????" (fee may apply with second e-mail address)
    3. or amazon's latest send to kindle app
  6. sit back, relax, open your kindle, wait for sync, and then realize it's time to reorganize your notes. repeat from step 1.

Developer's Note

  1. To run this application from source code, you'll need to register API key from Evernote and update "Form1.cs" source file, line 27 & 28.
        String consumerKey = "";//to fill
        String consumerSecret = "";//to fill




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